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The main feature of the EU regulations is that the products that will carry the CE mark are limited to the basic requirements that set out the high health and safety requirements.

The basic requirements refer to the dangers inherent in the product. Therefore, if manufacturers are not included in the harmonized standards they use, they should conduct risk analyses and keep them in their technical files.

While the basic requirements indicate the results to be achieved or the dangers to be eliminated, they do not give clues about technical solutions or how to deal with these dangers.

Manufacturers can reach precise solutions and application details that will ensure compliance with basic requirements by using the relevant harmonized standards or specifications.

Even if the shape and dimensions of the CE Mark change, the proportions must be observed. The CE mark must be attached to the product information plate / label in a visible, legible, an indelible way.

If these conditions cannot be met due to the nature of the product, the CE mark must be added to the product package or appropriate documents.

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