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MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet): It is a document containing detailed information as to the properties of hazardous substances and mixtures and the safety measures to be taken in workplaces according to the hazardous properties in order to protect human health and the environment from the negative effects of hazardous substances and mixtures.

What is the Statutory Requirement for Preparing an MSDS Document? 

The preparation of MSDS has become legally compulsory with a regulation issued on 13 December 2014 in Turkey. In Regulation No. 29204 “Safety Data Sheets Regarding Hazardous Substances and Mixtures” which was published in the Official Gazette by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change, details about these forms are included. For this reason, attention should be paid for including the below information in the relevant form while obtaining the MSDS preparation service.

•    Identity of the Substance/Mixture and Company/Distributor
•    Hazard Identification
•    Composition/Information on Ingredients
•    First Aid Measures
•    Fire-Fighting Measures
•    Accidental Release Measures
•    Handling and storage
•    Exposure Controls / Personal Protection
•    Physical and Chemical Properties
•    Stability and Reactivity
•    Toxicological Information
•    Ecological Information
•    Disposal Information
•    Transport Information
•    Regulatory Information
•    Other Information

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