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ASTERION INSPECTION EXPERTISE SERVICES CO. LTD. is an inspection and consultancy company which was reconstructed in 2020 and has an experienced operation team being on service for more than 15 years, a diverse product range and service areas all over the world.

As Asterion Inspection, we provide peer-to-peer, value-added solutions, customer-oriented field operations and its management, in addition to providing import/export services to all of our customers in the local and global market.

With our young, dynamic and pro-active team, as well as providing solutions exclusive to your complex problems, we can also provide all kinds of basic services to reach the nationwide and the whole wide world.


  1. Carrying out an International Trade as fast and easily as you can is only possible by receiving the requested documents on time.
  2. Our company takes all the necessary actions for you to get quickly the Export and Import Certificates of Conformity.
  3. Hence, the process of customs becomes a problem-free business experience for you.
  4. Our company works for the international trade to be done in an easy, fast, hassle-free and a reliable framework.
  5. Asterion Inspection is a company that minimizes financial and administrative risks.
  6. We provide non-stop service and support in 81 cities 24/7.
  7. We also provide inspection and certification services in more than 150 countries.