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The most important factor in national and international transportation is the delivery of materials and types of equipment in due time and in safe. Hence, Lashing (binding and fixation) which ensures transportation safety, is the most important element in these aspects.

Before loading and unloading, we apply the load layout of the project that we will carry in line with the road conditions and the importance and sensitive nature of the cargoes, shipping and discharging of containers, vehicle transfers, and unloading according to the special standards of Lashing. We fix your loads against jolts and impacts in line with the Lashing rules with wedges, safety ropes, airbags, and strapping systems.

As being the most sensitive in our service units and having a fully equipped Lashing and Personnel Strength, we provide you, our esteemed customers, services by prioritizing the safety of your Cargo for your processes not to hindered.


Concisely, the Lashing can be defined as the procedure for taking precautions to provide the safety of the Cargo, loaded on the ship, traler and container, against problems that may occur during the shipment.