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It means any vehicle used for the conveyance of goods shipment by sea. “Conveyance of Goods” refers to the elapsed time from when the goods are loaded on the vessel to they are discharged. The carrier is obliged to deliver the Cargo which was received from a port to the owner or to the warehouse of the port of discharge to be delivered to the owner, in an undamaged status, except for force majeure conditions.

Regarding the laws and regulations applied at the port of loading, the goods are considered to be under the domination of the carrier,

  1. From the moment the goods are received to be carried by the person, who has loaded them or acting on behalf of the loader, from the authorities or third parties, to which the goods must be delivered beforehand, until the moment they are delivered to the consignee by the carrier,
  1. Until they are made ready for the dispatcher’s order following the provisions of the contract or the law or the commercial custom applied at the port of discharge, in the case of the delivery of goods being avoided,
  1. Or until the goods are delivered to the authorities or third parties to whom the delivery of the goods is a must, following the laws and regulations applied at the port of discharge.

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