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Export Conformity Certificates: These are the documents that show the conformity to the technical regulations, health, environment, and safety conditions of the country to be exported.

In international trading transactions, importers/exporters, manufacturers, government agencies, and international institutions need protection when transferring titles. The products must also comply with the regulations in force.

Countries, which the products are exported into, request Export Conformity Certificates to ensure that the products entering the country comply with the technical regulations determined by the relevant institution and the health, environment, and safety conditions of the country.

Our service, with the contribution of our experience for many years, includes analysis requested before certification, necessary documents, information about the process, fast and effective solutions for problems that may arise, inspection, and as a result, certification.

With these documents, international trade is made possible by preventing possible problems in the customs process and ensuring that the products meet the mandatory safety and quality requirements. Therefore, delays that may occur at customs and losses and damages caused by sending unsuitable products can be prevented.