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The “Manufacturer Registration System” has been initiated by the Egypt Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade for certain products exported to Egypt. First announced on 31.12.2015 and updated with a new decree taken on 16.01.2016, the respective implementation started to be implemented on 16 March 2016.

According to the respective implementation; 

  • Manufacturers or trademark owners of countries exporting goods to Egypt must register with the system the General Organization for Export and Import Control – GOEIC.
  • Goods that are not manufactured in the factories registered in the system nor imported from companies with registered trademarks in the system will not be allowed to get into the Egyptian domestic market.
  • The registration system covers only factories or companies with trademarks that make other factories manufacture. Therefore, foreign trade companies that only deal with trading and do not have trademarks will not be able to register. For these companies to export to Egypt, the producers from whom they purchase goods must be registered in the system.

For further information about GOEIC, you can contact our company.