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What are the Shipment Certificates (ECTN, BSC) ?

ECTN and BSC are shipment certificates that is required in order to control the exports and to ensure that they are carried out neatly in all other countries as well as in our country. In the event of not obtaining these documents, transactions will not be carried out, and at the same time, the imported products will not be cleared from the port. Exporters or shipping companies cannot carry out their transactions in any way without obtaining these documents.

What is ECTN, BSC Certificate?

ECTN, BSC Certificate is acknowledged as electronic documents used for the exports to African countries. Thanks to this document, a unique Cargo tracking number is created for each Cargo. Thus each Cargo can be tracked. This is an implementation that ensures the traffic and follow-up of the trade with African countries and helps to record it. The names and abbreviations that are used here also can be different from country to country.

Is ECTN, BSC Certificate Mandatory?

Obtaining an ECTN, BSC certificate is mandatory in order for any trade with African countries to be accepted by the states and for transactions to be carried out at ports without any interference. In the event of not obtaining this document, it can be certainly said that trade cannot be made. In addition, due to the absence of a certificate, it will be only possible to clear the goods kept in the port after the certificate is issued. In this case, of course, you will have to both issue this certificate and pay the amount of penalty applied by the relevant country in this regard.

For Which Countries is ECTN, BSC Certificate Required?

ECTN, BSC Certificate is a document that is required and also mandatory during the trade with African countries. This document is absolutely necessary to obtain for ensuring a hassle-free trade process with countries such as Senegal, The Ivory Coasts, Madagascar, Guinea Conakry, Togo, Liberia, Niger, Guinea Bissau, Burundi and Central African Republic.

Who Can Make an Application?

It should be bear in mind that this Certificate should be especially emphasized and also provided since it is mandatory to obtain and use during the process of export. The Exporting or Shipping company must make this necessary application to our side for the Certificate. The requested documents are sent via e-mail during the application process and then an electronic Certificate is issued. You can contact us for further information.